Press review

Screen Daily
“INBETWEEN WORLDS is a nuanced story, stylishly shot with a good deal of integrity” which “should attract international arthouse audiences intrigued by the added weight of a German military presence in a modern battle zone.”
“With war films such as The Hurt Locker shot outside their location, her Afghanistan shoot is one of the few to put boots on the ground, and all credit to her and her team.”

The Hollywood Reporter
“…territories are bound to appreciate the realism and muscular shooting by a woman director and crew (shades of Kathryn Bigelowand Zero Dark Thirty) on location in northern Afghanistan.” “The immediacy and tension with which Aladag conveys the daily life of the soldiers is something to take home.”

“INBETWEEN WORLDS is a sensitive corrective to more partisan war dramas” and the “film’s visual palette, as well as its marriage of classic melodrama with contempo grit, is most strongly reminiscent of Susanne Bier´s earlier work; if seen in the right places, it’s slick enough to potentially secure her an English-language assignment.”