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Cinematographer Judith Kaufman’s visual construction of Corsage is as formal as the world it depicts. Dynamic camera angles — aerial views of dinner plates, a leaping horse shot from underneath its stomach — are like pricks from a governess’ hatpin, reminding us to pay attention. A slow-motion sequence of women ascending a staircase, frequent wide shots showing a landscape that is uncannily symmetrical: these devices are as meticulously considered as the world they help to depict.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (US) - Positive review: "‘Corsage’: Film Review | Cannes 2022" by Leslie Felperin
Indeed, without making a big fuss of it, there’s a strong sense throughout that the mostly female key crewmembers are pulling together to tell this woman-centric story through the lens of female identity — from DP Judith Kaufmann, blending natural sunlight and defiantly anachronistic electric illumination with style throughout, to composer Camille, whose dreamy, drifty contemporary songs add a charming atmosphere.